Welcome to the Updraft!!

This is it! The podcast that I have been contemplating for about a year now is finally going live. I am excited. I am nervous. My brain wants me to can the whole thing because, quite frankly, putting yourself out there and trying new things is scary! That’s not going to happen though – I am going to hush my frantic and anxious brain and keep moving forward because the goal is so much more important than pride or ego.

I am CONSTANTLY meeting women both in person and online who are completely overwhelmed by there lives. Friends, clients, people I meet in the grocery store. We are all taking on SO much with trying to manage work, side hustles, kids, relationships, homes, and so much more. Our brains are constantly humming. We need help.

I have been so lucky to have wonderful mentors speak into my life, showing me different strategies for my business, marketing, valuing my time and home, relationships, parenting. I am now feeling the call to pay it forward, step up and start helping other people sort through their own lives, break out of the same things that they have been doing (that aren’t working) and create a community that is all about supporting, uplifting. Creating an Updraft that will take us all from our current situation to lives we never even dreamed possible.

Let’s look around and start a ladder of love, support and speaking into each other’s lives. No matter your current situation, status or role in the world there IS someone that you can help to lift up to the next step, and there IS someone ahead of you that will reach back and give you a hand up as well – you just need to look around and find them. Maybe that will look like giving marketing advice to someone who is struggling in your niche (community over competition is so key) or maybe it just looks like bringing the new, struggling Mom down the street a freshly baked batch of muffins. We all have something to offer, and when we offer it we feel better. Even if you feel you have nothing left to give, a small gesture can renew and refresh you.

The Updraft Insiders community is now live so if you want to be a part of this Updraft then go check it out, and you can also find me on Instagram @annya.miller.

I am ALWAYS looking to here from you. If there is a topic you need covered, or a guest you would love to see on the Podcast please drop me a DM or email hello@annyamiller.com and I will do my best to create the content that you need the most.

It doesn’t have to be this hard. We can band together and rise. Let’s go!!


  1. Chantai Finesse

    July 8th, 2019 at 4:59 am

    Love all of this!! ❤❤❤

  2. Showit User

    July 10th, 2019 at 3:27 am

    Thank you Chantai!

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