The year is quickly coming to a close, and as it is wrapping up I have been finding myself doing a lot of reflection on what worked – and what didn’t. This year was clear and away the biggest and most profitable EVER since I started out over 10 years ago. In the previous year […]

Episode 27 – Faith & Entrepreneurship with Stefanie Gass On this episode I am chatting with Stefanie Gass, my friend, mentor and the woman who helped get the Updraft Podcast up and running!  Stef helps mompreneurs create passive income businesses that light them up! Fueled by Jesus, iced coffee, & toddler snuggles, Stef is both […]

Listen to the episode In this episode I am chatting with Tamika Woods – who promises to help us love our menstrual cycle! (Huh?!?) Tamika is a clinical nutritionist and fertility educator practicing in Bondi Beach, Australia. She works with women who suffer from period problems and fertility issues and helps them to identify the […]

I am just about to head into THE busiest month of the year, with over 55 sessions booked and climbing – actually by the time you are listening to this I will be right, smack in the middle of it. Over the years I have put systems in place to keep it flowing smoothly, and […]

Elisha Weger is an award winning photographer with a background in business and today we are talking about all things baby photography and running a successful business. Connect with Elisha FacebookFacebook – Elisha and Co. CoachingInstagram: Elisha and CoInstagram: Elisha and Co CoachingWebsite  Connect with Annya  Website InstagramUpdraft Insiders on Facebook

Hello All! So I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to get to this episode, I mean it seems like a logical starting point being that I am a PHOTOGRAPHER, but whatever, here we are, Episode 22 and I want to give you some of my best tips and tricks to take […]

SEO is HUGE. Having a site that is going to rank well and come up in the first few spots on google will have a massive impact on your business and the best part is that it’s FREE! Yes you can pay for google ads, or Facebook ads, or go to trade shows, or do […]

In today’s interview Maggie Tyson and I are talking about the ins and outs of SEO and content creation. As a writer, editor, content creator and strategist Maggie is able to provide actionable tips on how we can increase the visibility of our site as well as the user experience. Get in Touch with Maggie […]

today we are diving into the bane of so many parents’ existence… picky eaters. As a Mom of 4 and a children’s/baby photographer I am fully immersed in the world of Mom’s and parenting, pretty much all day… every day. And one thing that never seems to change, and never seems to stop challenging us […]

Listen in on a conversation between myself and Allison Nelson, co founder of the Nelson Company. We are chatting all about creating an ecommerce store, and the challenges and benefits that we face as female entrepreneurs.  Get in touch with Allison InstagramFacebookWebsite Freebie! 8 Steps to Becoming Your Own Boss  Get in Touch with Annya  […]